A little exercise is better than none, more exercise is generally better than less, 20150304_092253and no exercise can be disastrous. Regular physical activity in general can help keep your body, including your brain healthy as you age and also help to reach and maintain a healthy weight, if you take in more calories than needed in a day; exercise offsets a caloric overload and controls body weight.

It speeds up the rate of energy use, resulting in increased metabolism and when this is increased via exercise, you will maintain faster rate for longer periods of a day. A better night sleep is possible when you exercise daily, the natural dip in body temperature 5-6 hours after exercise may help to fall asleep.

This particular package (home service) helps drive into the individual the benefits of wellness via a holistic approach to diet & exercise and exclusive to clients who want to enjoy privacy in the comfort of their homes.

The industrial and secular world has now become very stressful hence, imageresulting in people dying of heart attacks, hypertension, stroke, cancer, etc. This is due to the fact that work has taken the place of relaxation, physical exercise. As a result, the aim of our corporate training is to promote healthy and quality lifestyle in the workplace. Quality of life is what we all long for and good health connotes a high quality of life.

Fitness above all, helps us live it every day and creates a balance on the socialization platform amongst employees, colleagues, friends and employers. This package includes health talks, walk/run, and dance aerobics exercises to generate an improved health and mental alertness to these individuals thereby promoting an improved sense of productivity.

What you eat defines who you are and special attention should be given to the kind of foods you eat. A structured balanced diet table is strongly recommended to help determine the level of nutrients imbibed by your body system while laying emphasis on regular and daily intake of fruits.

The introduction of fruits in daily meals goes a long way in aiding food digestions as the acidic levels in most of these foods are very high which poses a high risk if retained in the body system. Most people, (working class) consume the most calories while having dinner each day. This being the case, dinner is a logical place to start making changes if your goal is to lose weight. Whether you lose weight or put on weight depends upon how much energy you consume versus how many calories your body burns each day. The average person should consume around 1,600 calories per day in order to maintain a healthy weight but we’re not all average. If your goal is to lose weight, simply work out what your body needs to maintain your current weight and reduce your calorie intake by 10%. How you split your energy consumption up between breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a personal thing, but to maintain constant energy levels throughout the day, it makes sense to ensure that there isn’t too much difference between the main three meals of the day.


Ditch the gym is a 50 minute weight loss workout DVD put together toIMG-20160614-WA0001 fasten your heart rate and increase your metabolism. It is available for N1,500 (One thousand five hundred Naira only) at the following outlets:


FarmHouse Abuja

  • Moz Mall 19 Durban street, off Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse 2 Abuja


Green Grill House

  • 15 Wole Ariyo off Admiralty Lekki Phase 1 Lagos


My Beetroot Food Court

  • The Palms Mall, Lagos
  • Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1, Lagos



  • 3, Abiola Segun Ajayi street, off Muri Okunola Victoria Island Lagos


Sweetkiwi Yoghurt

  • Food Court, The Palms Mall, Lagos
  • Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1, Lagos



  • 71, Opebi Ikeja Lagos
  • 92, Awolowo road Ikeja Lagos


Co-Creation Hub

  • 294, Herbert Macaulay way, Sabo Yaba Lagos


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