“I suffer migraines quite often and the pain can be excruciating. It became a lot worse when I started to not only suffer the migraines but also to live in fear of the possibility of another migraine attack. That’s when I knew I had to do something! The Bible says “my people suffer for lack of knowledge” and I thought “hang on a minute, what knowledge do I need to have in order to help my body perform optimally?” My doctors said they could keep giving me drugs or I could improve my lifestyle by eating better, exercising and creating a better hormonal balance. It was at that point I thought, I need to get help. Enter Shedams!

I have worked with Shedams for a month now and the difference is tremendous! I feel stronger, I feel healthier from the specifically tailored detox he put me on but most importantly is the fact that in that time, I haven’t suffered a migraine attack. That in itself is a major breakthrough! Shedams is really tough and very professional. You will get results, you will understand why you are doing particular exercises or eating certain foods/eliminating or reducing others and his unique brand of high intensity training is varied enough to keep you excited about the next class and the next and the next. For me, it’s a lifestyle change I seek, so I’m in it for the long haul and I’m glad I have someone so professional and thorough to help me get there!


Seyi -Shedams- as he’s popularly called was my personal trainer for about 6weeks. Body shape wise, I am actually a slim person but my issue was with my tummy.. it was big and hard!I decided to employ the services of Shedams, rather than hitting the gym because I needed that guidance, not just for exercises but also my diet.

Shedams came on board even more determined than myself, his adherence to time in our ‘Nigerian time’ syndrome was baffling. He was always prompt. Throughout my sessions with Shedams, I learned so much about health and wellness; the importance of exercise and the right diet as it relates to living healthy. I was motivated to push my body further during our sessions,and unconsciously took that ‘motivated spirit’ into all other areas of my life.

Shedams is a professional at what he does, his plans are based per individual body type and life pattern. Need I say at this point that I saw great improvement in my abs and butt regions during my time with Shedams. I have continued in exercising and eating healthy after my sessions and it has become a part of my lifestyle.

Thanks Shedams for what you do. You are simply amazing!


S/O to my biggest motivator Shedams!Throughout my fitness journey he has supported me mentally and emotionally without even being in the same country!! Just 7 weeks after giving birth I am stronger both mentally and physically!!! Thank you for your support darling